How My Publishing & Production Efforts Came About:
Born in Greenville, SC and a graduate of Abbeville High, I enlisted in the U.S. Army upon
graduation, thus becoming a Vietnam Era Vet for almost ten years of military service. During my
tenure I was a Personnel and Administrative Management Specialist, Military Policeman specializing
in the nuclear surity program and a qualified Psychological Warfare Specialist. During this time I
served with TRADOC at Ft. Jackson in the 9th Basic Combat Battalion, 8th Infantry Division in
Europe with a tank Battalion, FORSCOM at Seneca Army Depot as a Counter Terrorist Commander
directly under President Carter and Reagan,
Captain of a Nuclear Fireboss Team with a Foam Truck;
also a Depot Operations & Training NCO, a "grunt" Squad Leader with the 101st Air Airborne &
Assault at Fort Campbell, Personnel & Security Manager for the Army Courier Service under
AFCOS in the Military District of Washington and finally with MDW as a Military Policeman.

Upon returning to civilian life, I became a freelance photographer and life time member of the
International Freelance Photographers Organization. Photographing many of the events around
D.C. and that  the "Old Guard" was detailed to support for White House or Arlington Cemetery
functions. After graduating from the Virginia Private Investigator's school, I was licensed to practice
Private Investigations, a Security Consultant and State Certified instructor in Washington D.C., MD,
VA, and eventually in CO, NC, and SC also. It was
of this almost thirty years of practice that gave
me the knowledge to locate and sift through public records in documenting backgrounds in
genealogy in order of painting pictures of past Ancestors lives.

Also coupled with a strong adm
inistrative and management background with the military and during
my career; gave me a good basis of technical and book writing. Additionally, having had two of the
Mentors early on that one could have ever served under, Command Sergeant Major Charles
O. George and Sergeant Major Jimmy Easter in teaching me the in's and out's of military service
early on for my professional survival. These two great men were followed by many other great
leaders from the ranks of Special Forces, Rangers and Infantry branches of Officers and Non
Commission Officers alike, during my career that I had the pleasure of serving under and learning
the wisdom they had to impart.

It is because of them and the special members of my own family, that I have elected to leave these
footprints in time; capturing their legacies to ensure these memorable individuals are passed on for
generations to come in their own family's heritages. Thereby, documenting their service and instilling
pride a century or more from now in a long line Descendant being able to posses a photograph and
the heritage of their Ancestors.
My Interests:
Who I Am:
My greatest interest right now is publishing, followed by photographing and documenting the
headstones of military and family members for posterity before the cruel fate of time can erode the
s to those that lay beneath. Preserving them for centuries in the Library of Congress.

How many headstones have we seen in searching cemeteries that the elements have destroyed the
words upon them? They deserve more than to be forgotten and nothing last like the printed word
with photographs in passing these individuals on for centuries to come!

Eventually with the success of these publications, I hope to generate enough income that will allow
me time and travel to various cemeteries in affecting much needed repairs to headstones that are
broken or need re-etching
and not under government care.
Highlights: Recognised in the IFPO Hall of Fame for Photography.

Now after President Trump's assistance, I have been granted access in walking Arlington
Cemetery for photographing the headstones.
With your help, I can be making these trips for
this long term project of memorializing these Soldiers and Veterans for centuries to come!
About Me
A. L. Murphy - Heritage & History Writer,
Researcher, Photographer, Publisher &
Military Talk Show Host/Producer
After a serious head injury incurred during military service starting taking its long term toll on me; I
had to readjust my physical and work limitations.

For the past decade, I have enjoyed researching, documenting, photographing and publishing
genealogical and historical family heritages. Now that I am older and those that I've known, respected
and loved are quickly passing away; I feel that the immortal words of Joseph Addison is the best way
I can honor them by passing on their heritage to generations for centuries to come in remembering
their past lives. But I have reached a point in which I need Sponsors and Supporters that will assist
me in honoring all our Loved Ones and the rich military history and traditions for centuries to come.

I hope you will help me to tell the stories through publishing of your military Loved One's and other's
legacies today by showing your support of Soldiers and Veterans service.
Books are the gifts that a great genius
leaves to mankind, which are
delivered down from generation to
generation as presents to the posterity
of those who are yet unborn."

             Joseph Addison